Why Premium Pest Control Products Are Better Than Over The Counter Products

While it can be tempting to try over-the-counter products to get your pest problem under control, these are rarely effective because they don’t address the issue at the source. Pest Control can be a nuanced process that can vary depending on the specifics of your house, your environment, and other variables. All these factors make it tough for one-size-fits-all treatments to do the job. That’s one of the reasons why here at TBIB Pest Control, we always use premium, professional products instead. Not only will you notice results sooner when you choose to work with us, but your pests will get gone and stay gone with the higher-quality treatments you get from our experts. We guarantee results, or you’ll get your money back — that’s how serious we are about bringing you service that really works.

They are eco-friendly. You won’t want to use anything that would put your family, pets, or plants at risk. That’s why we’re proud to offer premium products that won’t hurt the environment or your family.
Premium products last longer. While you want a solution that works quickly, you also want it to last. You want pests gone asap, and you don’t want them to return any time soon. Our products will ensure that’s the case.
There are options to address the pest you’re dealing with. Different types of infestations require different levels of attention and treatment. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to know which premium products work best for each type of pest. They also know how to apply them for the bets results.
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