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Cockroaches are not only disgusting, but also dangerous. They can spread diseases, spoil food, and cause damage to your home. That’s why you need TBIB Pest Control, the leaders in cockroach control in the heart of Salisbury'nc We use natural solutions that are safe and effective, and guarantee removal of these unwelcome guests. We offer two options for cockroach control:
One-time service: This option is perfect for mild or occasional infestations. We will inspect your home, find out where the cockroaches are coming from and how many there are, and apply the right treatment. Depending on the situation, you may need 2-3 follow-up visits to make sure they are all gone.
12-month protection: This option is best for severe or chronic infestations. We will give you year-round protection from cockroaches and other pests. We will do regular inspections and treatments, and answer any urgent calls within 24 hours. You will have confidence knowing that your home is always pest-free.
Don’t let cockroaches ruin your well-being and comfort. Contact us today and let us handle them for you.

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